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Adjustable Smart Counting Grip

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Overview: Introducing the Adjustable Smart Counting Grip, a cutting-edge fitness tool engineered to redefine hand and arm training.

This professional-grade equipment offers unparalleled versatility and precision in your workout regimen.

The Adjustable Smart Counting Grip is a game-changer in hand and arm fitness. Its innovative design allows for seamless adjustments, catering to a wide range of strengths, from 10KG to 100KG, ensuring a customized training experience tailored to your specific fitness goals.

This advanced fitness tool goes beyond traditional hand grips. With its smart counting feature, it precisely tracks your repetitions, providing valuable insights into your progress and allowing you to set and achieve measurable fitness milestones.

Experience the power of targeted arm muscle training with the Adjustable Smart Counting Grip. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal hand positioning, minimizing strain and maximizing the effectiveness of each exercise, whether you're focusing on building strength or enhancing endurance.

1. Rehabilitation Device: It is an assistive device used to rehabilitate patients with hand muscle or soft tissue contours. Grippers can relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, maintain blood circulation in the joints, and prevent inflammation.

2. Adjustable Resistance Forearm Grip: Designed with resistance adjustable from 10-220 lbs, the Hand Grip Enhancer effectively improves finger, wrist and forearm flexibility by increasing or decreasing tension.

3. Upgraded style: Compared with conventional products in the market, our Adjustable Smart Counting Grip can be increased from 10-220 pounds, the counter can be increased to 4 digits, and we have eliminated the troublesome step of rotating the button to reset the number, we only need one key to reset.

Product information:

Grip grip product size: 17x12.6x2.6 cm;
Single weight: 200g;
Single package size: 17.5x13.2x3cm;
Single package weight: 235g (neutral paper box);
Material: reinforced PP, rubber coated TPR spring;
Color: black, matcha green, Makalan
Grip strength: 10-100kg;

Packing list:



Embrace the innovation and efficiency of the Adjustable Smart Counting Grip. Elevate your hand and arm training, monitor your progress, and achieve new heights in your fitness endeavors with this exceptional, adjustable fitness tool that puts your goals within reach.

Invest in the Adjustable Smart Counting Grip and witness the transformation in your hand and arm strength.

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